Sure, most people chose to assemble their new bike themselves. Your new bike will arrive in a box and be 85% assembled, some basic final assembly will be required, some basic tools are included with the bike.

In order to get your bike on the road, you simply need to:

- Attach the handlebars
- Attach the seat and adjust to a height that suits you
- Fit the front wheel
- Adjust the brakes
- Fit front fender (for women's vintage bike only)
- Screw on the pedals
- Pump up the tyres


You can watch the assembly video for the model you're interested in on the relevant product page. The final assembly process typically takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes for a first timer. If you have any doubts or question your own mechanical dexterity, we recommend you have a qualified bicycle mechanic assemble the bike for you.

We will have some great new assembly videos on the site in a few weeks which will help a lot.