At Chappelli, our mission is simple: Creating unique bicycles that you want to ride.

Are our bikes well designed? Of course. In fact, they are so well designed that Chappelli is the only Australian bicycle company to have won an international design award.

Are our bikes great quality? Absolutely, but then again, we would say that! (But for real, we promise – check out our 10-day test ride, no questions asked returns and our 2 year frame warranty if you want to be sure!)

We believe you deserve more. You deserve a bike that makes you feel amazing, a bike that turns heads, and a bike that feels great to ride.

At Chappelli, we make bikes that make you want to get outside and see the world. Chappelli Cycles are bikes with a purpose. Bikes for the urban cyclist who appreciates the quality, style and simplicity that comes from great design.

Our bikes look damn good and they ride even better. We believe in igniting your sense of adventure, in encouraging you to get out and see the world.

Choose your own path, set your own speed. Make the journey yours and connect with the place you call home.



Chappelli Cycles was founded in 2009 by Pablo Chappelli. Inspired by his father who raced in the Tour de France trials, Pablo continued the family tradition and combined his love of cycling with modern technology, to create a range of bikes that were, and still are, unrivalled in the Australian market.

Designed right here in Australia but recognised internationally. Chappelli Cycles continues to encompass those values of beautiful, affordable bikes for the modern rider.

In 2019 the Chappelli story entered its next chapter.

You spoke, we listened.

We have concentrated our vision, pared-back our range and renewed our focus on making Chappelli bikes the very best they can be.

We remain committed to being independent bike makers, guys and girls who believe that your bike should be an extension of you.

No expensive unnecessary features. Just comfort, simplicity, intelligent designs and a passion for urban adventure. Get out there and live the journey.



For Adventure Seekers, Urban Explorers, Eco Warriors and Two Wheeled Wanderers.

For those who want to forge their own way in the world.

Get outside. Be empowered to have real experiences, breathe, live in the moment and connect with the city around you.

Owning a Chappelli means you are free, through narrow streets or ocean paths, there is nowhere you can’t go.



Community, Sustainability, Individuality. Quality.

You are buying direct from the source, so there is no middleman. Our bicycles are shipped to you from right here in Australia.

We 100% stand behind our 10-day Test Ride guarantee and our 2-year frame warranty.

And we just know you will love your Chappelli. But if for any reason you need to send it back, we will send a courier to you, for no additional cost and happily give you your money back. You have our word on that.

Be part of the movement. Forget the car, get on your bike. Live the journey