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Time to meet your maker (of bicycles)

Introducing Drew, our new chief mechanic at Chappelli Cycles. Hailing from Sacramento, California, Drew’s been building and riding bikes for as long as he can remember.

“In the States I raced road and mountain bikes, and I’ve brought over my own fixie that I built with me” he says,” he says.

The bicycle gene (as opposed to the Levi’s bicycle jean) apparently runs – or rides – in the family: his dad just finished the Race across America “Biking is a big part of my family and where I’ve grown up.”

Arriving in July, Drew is already making an impression in Australia, not least on Pablo, with whom he shares his days in the Chappelli workshop. “He works his guts out and is on the ball. He’s a nice cool guy,” exalts Pablo, who is yet to find out whether Drew shares his love for Grease the musical as much as grease the lubricant.

As for Australia, that too is making an impression on the young American: “I’m enjoying how everyone is so relaxed here. Back home is so uptight and such a fast-paced environment.”

There is of course an exception – what is it with car drivers?

“The driving here is a little bit crazier. Back home if I was with mates riding on the road together cars would respect us, but that doesn’t seem to happen so much here, or so it seems.”

Even that though is not enough to dampen his spirits: “I’m just excited about being part of Chappelli and being part of the team. I got lucky, this is my dream job, just working on bikes all day.”