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A backflip on a vintage women’s bike?

The spirit of re-invention seems alive and well in 2012 if some recent videos circling the interwebs are anything to go by.

It started two weeks ago, when Fair Wheel Bikes posted a video of a carbon fibre racer – being used as a trials bike.

It proved more than capable of the stunts demanded as this video attests.

The only damage, reports Bike Radar, was “one pinch flat, a chipped fork (caused by the crash at the end of the video) and a couple of slightly bent chain-ring teeth.”

Well, if a carbon fibre racer can do tricks, why not a vintage women’s bicycle? Frenchman Mickael Dupont took up the challenge, modifying the bike only slightly after an initial mishap.

And while we don’t accept responsibility for any Chappelli riders who try a backflip on one of our three-speed internal hub women’s bikes, we completely condone this video of Mickael pulling one off.

Meanwhile the boffins at Converse have been finding new applications for fixie bicycles, taking ‘ride to work’ to a new level in the process.

Their new ad shows what happens when a pack of fixed-gear bike riders stay late at the office. And they even remember to turn the lights out when they leave.

converse office fixie from Creambun on Vimeo.

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