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A very Chappelli Christmas

Unless we’re mistaken, Christmas is essentially a time to wrap up heartfelt boxes and write yourself off…

As an online bicycle retailer, we’ve effectively been wrapping up Chappelli-hearted packages all year; so we’ll settle instead with just writing down some highlights of 2011.

Chappelli's wicker bicycle basket
Chappelli’s wicker bicycle basket

Chief among these was the expansion of our classic range of fixies and internal hub bicycles to introduce  our stylish 8-speed men’s and women’s bicycles, which proved certain hot-sellers; not to forget these wicked – sorry, wicker – baskets to go with.

Thanks go to Stoli Vodka – and all those who voted on Facebook – to our entry in the Original Design Awards, which we narrowly won. The ensuing party was memorable too; best summed up by a dubious image of Tom and Pablo duelling it out in a treadmill bike contest.

Swedophiles too rejoiced in 2011, with the launch of Chappelli in Scandinavia, providing potentially millions of Northern Europeans something more substantial to ride on than just their hopeless good looks.

Speaking of good looks, we also welcomed to our team our mechanic-in-chief Drew Reid, who has slaved in Pablo’s workshop harder than an elf at Christmas.

We were also stoked by this video made by Lewis Farrar and friends who took some of our fixies and women’s 3-speeds for some country riding. Watch it and share the joy in their Blue Mountains escapades.

And, on the subject of escapades, if you’re worried that you’ve exhausted your annual supply for the year, fear not… As we speak, Pablo is desperately working to finish a Chappelli tandem bike in time to ride home from the office Christmas party. With Tom having politely declined, he is seeking applicants to be his designated rider on the night…

Tom and Pablo get in the Chappelli Cycles Christmas spirit