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The NuVinci
The International Design Award Winning Chappelli NuVinci

What is so special about the NuVinci® Hub?

The NuVinci® Hub is a revolutionary (excuse the pun) new internal hub for bicycles. Instead of traditional gears it has differing levels of resistance. Its patent protect technology works using rotating balls inside a sealed hub and as you turn the dial on the handlebars the level of resistance gets higher or lower corresponding to a higher or lower gear ratio. The result is an incredibly smooth ride with no jolts or gear cruches or lurches from gear to gear. Riders can now shift gears as effortlessly as turning a dial on a radio. Think of it has moving up or down a ramp rather than using stairs.

The hub has been designed in the USA by Fallbrook technologies. It has now been around since 2009 but until recently it was only used on electric bicycles where riders need strong reliable gear systems and prefer easy smooth gear changes and the ability to change gears at lights or whilst stopped. In 2012, Chappelli recognised the potential of the NuVinci® hub to change the way we ride, offering everyday riders a fantastic range of gears with smooth gear changes and low maintenance. We collaborated with Fallbrook to build the world’s first NuVinci® hub non-electric bicycle and won an International Design Award for the first Chappelli NuVinci. Since then thousands of riders have realised that the NuVinci hub offers a superior option to traditional derailleur gears and other internal hub systems on the market.

Today, Chappelli Cycles is a recognised Fallbrook partner and has one of the widest selection of NuVinci® hub bicycles available anywhere. We are always working with Fallbrook to update and improve the range with new models released each year. Currently we have both mens and women’s framed NuVinci®’s as well as standard and disc brake versions.

NuVinci Nero 6
NuVinci Hub

NuVinci Platinum 2
NuVinci Gear Shifter

How does the Hub work?


The NuVinci® hub designed allows the rider to effortlessly shift between gears as easily as changing a dial on a radio. You simply turn the grip shifter to find the right level of gearing for you. The hub provides a 330% – 380% ratio which is equivalent to about 10-12 speeds on a traditional geared bicycle and means that you can find the right gear for almost any terrain. The mechanism means that no longer do you face issues of clanging gear changes, body jolts and chain slippages. Instead your ride becomes silky smooth, making for a more comfortable journey.

The NuVinci® Hub is a CVT or continuously variable transmission hub, meaning that you can constantly shift the ratio of input to output to find the optimum gear. This works in a similar way to modern transmissions on cars where you can accelerate seamlessly through a range of gears rather than having to change from gear to gear. The results are incredibly easy take-offs from lights and frictionless gear changes.

NuVinci hub image 1 Nuvinci Hub image 2

How many gears does a NuVinci® Hub have?

The NuVinci® hub now comes into two versions: the N330 and the N380. Both use the same technology but there are subtle differences between them, the main being the N330 has a slightly reduce range of 330 degrees vs 380 for the N380 hub. This is roughly equivalent to 2 gears on a normal derailleur bicycle. The N380 is also slightly heavier and better suited to cargo and electric bicycles as it can support heavier loads. Chappelli uses the 330 hubs on the standard range and the 380 range on its premium range of NuVinci’s such as the Chappelli Platinum.

As you can see from the diagram below the NuVinci® hubs have a much greater range than the Shimano nexus hubs with the all the added benefits that the NuVinci®CVT technology offers

NuVinci Hub Comparison Table

What are the benefits of a NuVinci® Hub?

The benefits of a NuVinci® Hub are:

  1. The largest gear range on the market (excluding the Rolhoff) equivalent to 10-12 gears on normal derailleur bicycle
  2. Smooth, seamless shifting – “An absolute joy to ride!” according to the judges of the International Design Awards
  3. Shift under load – Shift at any time, whilst stopped or whilst riding – this is a massive advantage over derailleurs and other internal hubs systems
  4. Maintenance free hub – The hub is completely sealed – no rust, no dirt, no loss of efficiency over time. Just easy maintenance free riding.
  5. Enhanced ride experience – Your ride will be quiet and seamless, no gear crunches, no taking off in the wrong gear, no dirty chains and limited maintenance. What could be better?

When did Chappelli Cycles win the Design Award for its Chappelli NuVinci® bicycle?

Pablo design awards
Chappelli Cycles Founder Pablo Chappell at the Design Awards


Chappelli Cycles is very proud to have won an Australian Design Award for our Chappelli NuVinci® bicycle in 2012. We won the best in category for sports equipment beating out several much larger international bicycle companies. The bicycle was designed in collaboration with Fallbrook technologies and showcased the latest NuVinci infinitely variable hub technology. See our range of NuVinci bicycles.

The bicycle we won the award was our Platinum model. It featured a hand built frame made from Colombus tubing and came with beautiful hand painted light-weight CrMo frame with chrome stays,  gorgeous detailed lugs and leather grips and leather saddle as well as integrated lights and showcased the wonderful NuVinci® hub.

Since, 2012 we have released several new versions of the NuVinci® as the ultimate commuter bicycle as well as standard road versions and a women’s version. All of them use the incredible NuVinci® hub which has been recently improved in 2015 to make it even lighter!