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What is a 29’er and why do I want one? 

A 29’er is a mountain bike with 29 inch wheels. This is a massive 3 inches bigger than standard mountain bike wheels and are usually fitted with thick tread tyres to make them seem even bigger.

If you’ve ever ridden a 29’er you’ll already know why the big wheelers are so appealing… But for those of you that haven’t, here is a quick run-down of what makes them so awesome and why our mechanics have been drooling over this latest edition to our stable.

  • They carry momentum like a freight train! Once rolling the bigger wheels offer greater rotational mass which means you roll further with less effort.
  • A larger tyre “footprint” on the road means more traction, control and stability when corning and riding up hills. The big footprint makes it virtually impossible to get caught in tram tracks and storm water drains.
  • The bigger diameter of the wheel means the wheels roll over curbs, potholes and cobblestone with less impact, which smooths out the road so you won’t spill your beer.
  • Taller riders will feel right at home with the more natural riding position and frame geometry of a 29er.
  • They are awesomely fun to ride

What’s the catch you may ask? The trade-offs are minimal. There is a small weight penalty with the bigger wheels, a slightly larger turning circle and the bigger footprint on the road can cause a bit of drag but this can be addressed with running our big fat slick tyres. However we reckon the advantages far outweigh the draw backs making them perfect for an urban get-around bike.

What are the features of Chappelli’s 3 Speed 29’er ?

We spent close to a year working on the Chappelli 3 Speed 29’er which we believe is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It combines a 29er wheel with a no-nonsense CrMo frame, hydraulic disk brakes and a SRAM 3speed hub to create an all-purpose big wheeler that is right at home in the urban jungle. We love everything about it. You can never drop a chain, servicing is minimal, it’s got stopping power for days and more importantly, it makes your urban ride more fun than a reach around from Ivanka Trump!

Get down to one of our shops and try one for yourself.