Why are Chappelli Cycles awesome?

Tough to give an exact reason but maybe its because we set out to create bicycles that we want to ride in colours and designs that we get excited about. Pablo Chappelli is a multi-award winning industrial designer with a love of bicycles and he started Chappelli Cycles so he could build the type of bicycles that he wanted to ride. Fortunately for us, a lot of his friends and now the public love those bicycles also!

What did Chappelli win a International Australian Design Award for?

In 2012 we won an Australian Design Award for the Chappelli NuVinci bicycle. The judges reviewed products from over 120 entries from leading design companies around the world including BMW, Bose, Apple and Nike. We won the best product in leisure and sporting goods category, winning particular praise for distinctive design of our bicycle, the use of hub technology and the quality of our product. Whilst we won the award for our top end bicycle, we approach the design of all our bicycles with the same dedication. When you buy a Chappelli you are buying quality.

Why are Chappelli bicycles such great value?

At Chappelli we design and manufacture and sell our own bicycles meaning that you pay the equivalent of wholesale prices for our bicycles and avoid the costs of the agent, distributor and wholesaler. That’s why we can offer you such great quality bicycle at prices that other retailers can’t match.

How do I purchase a Chappelli bicycle?

Chappelli bicycles can be purchased online via the shop now button on our website or you can visit us at our warehouse & showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Here are the locations of our shops.

What other countries can I buy a Chappelli in?

Chappelli Cycles operates in France and Scandinavia visit our European sites at www.chappellicycles.fr and www.chappelli.se

What type of bicycle do I need?

Chappelli Cycles specialises in single speeds, internal hub and commuter bicycles. We offer a range of different bicycle frames and internal hub gears specialised for different types of riding needs. Check out our Bicycle Buying Guide for more details on how to choose the correct bicycle for you.

What size frame do I need?

This is a very important question and one of the most frequently asked. See our Bike Sizing Guide for full information on how to choose the right frame.

Do you offer customisations on bikes?

We can do a full range of customisations from custom frame colours to rim and components swaps. Prices vary according to the amount of work required. Our frame spraying is done by a expert bicycle sprayer who does it offsite and can take several weeks depending on demand. Please contact Pablo in the Sydney office to discuss your requirements in full.

What happens if the model or size I want is sold out?

At Chappelli Cycles we work hard to ensure availability of most models and sizes, however our more popular sizes and models can sell out. If the model or size of a particular model is not available on the website then it has probably sold out. However we frequently receive new stock drops and may have extra stock available in one of our stores, so please call our customer service team in Melbourne on (03) 9415 9203 (Wednesday to Sunday) to check availability or email us at tomandpablo@chappelli.com.

What is the delivery time on an order?

Standard delivery time on an order is 1-3 business days after dispatch from our warehouse in most metro areas, however deliveries to Perth and Adelaide as well as the Northern Territory and remote Queensland can take 3-5 days. It depends on when we receive the order and how quickly we can process it. We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving them, however during busy times it may take us a day or two longer to process the orders as we have to check each bicycle and pack it up carefully before it goes out.

In Sydney we do have prioritised delivery for built up bicycles which costs more but in certain circumstances can be arranged for the same day. Its best to call the Sydney warehouse on 02 9316 9874.

Where should I have the order delivered to work or home?

Direct Freight will deliver the bicycle or item to your home or office, as long as someone can sign for it (which is why most people prefer at work). Most people prefer work for smaller items or for bike deliveries if they have their car at work so they can take it home easily. If the courier can’t deliver it on the first attempt they will call you or leave a card to organize another drop. If that fails then they will start charging you money, so be warned!

How much does it cost for delivery?

Delivery charges depend on the item ordered and where we are sending it to. Delivered bikes are sent out in boxes that are 85% assembled but do require some assembly at home. Alternatively you can choose to pick up the bike ready made from one of our stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane for free – just choose the build and collect option on checkout.

Delivery for a bike to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and most regional areas in those states is $39 and $59 for Adelaide and Perth. For deliveries to remote locations it is $120. Shipping for parts and accessories is $15 to $25 depending on location. For more information see our shipping rates table.

How can I track my order?

We use Direct Freight for most deliveries and will provide you with a tracking number via email once we have processed the order. You should be able to track it via the Direct Freight website.

Now I’ve received my bicycle how do I assemble it?

The bicycle will be delivered partially assembled and it will be up to you to unpack and assemble it. This straightforward process should take 15-20 minutes, even with no prior experience.

It requires an Allen key and an adjustable spanner (both supplied) and we’ve included a step-by-step instruction guide to help you. (Download the latest version).  If you have any doubts, we recommend you take the bike to a licensed bicycle mechanic to be absolutely sure your bike is assembled correctly ($50-$100 depending on the mechanic).

To assemble your Chappelli bicycle you will need to attach the handle bars, attach and adjust the seat, fasten the front wheel and screw in the pedals. You can add the reflectors and bell if desired.

What ongoing care & maintenance is required?

Chappelli Cycles are designed to be low maintenance – not maintenance free. Like any mechanic object, a bicycle needs regular servicing and attention to keep it functioning at its best. We encourage you to regularly maintain and service your bicycle for best performance. To help we offer a first free service on all bicycles and have low priced on-going servicing. Visit our page on workshops and repairs to see more information on services available and pricing or call the nearest shop directly. For regular maintenance tips please refer to the bicycle instruction manual you received with the bike or view it online:  bicycle instruction manual.

Remember bicycles should not be exposed to rain for extended periods.  If you live in an area close to the sea, you should regularly wipe the components of your bicycles with a light protective layer of grease or apply an anti-rust spray.

How do I get my free service?

We offer a first free service on any Chappelli bicycle bought from us. Simply bring it into  our shop in Melbourne or Sydney or contact our garage in Brisbane to arrange a time to drop it off. Normally we recommend that the first service should occur 6-8 weeks after purchase to give it time to wear-in the breaks, gears and other mechanical components.   Visit our page on workshops and repairs to see more information on services available and pricing or call the nearest shop directly.

What type of warranty do you offer?

At Chappelli we offer a lifetime warranty on all frames and a 12 month warranty on parts excluding normal wear and tear. Unfortunately that does include punctures, although if you are frequently getting punctures then please bring the bike in for a service as there may be something caught in the tyre or you may not be installing the new tube correctly. See our full warranty policy here.

I have a warranty claim, what should I do?

If your bicycle was purchased from our Melbourne or Sydney store, please take it in for them to assess. If the warranty claim is genuine, we will repair or replace the item. If the bicycle was purchased online, please take photos of the fault, and them send along with an explanation of the fault to tomandpablo@chappelli.com

What is the Chappelli 30 day satisfaction guarantee?

At Chappelli Cycles we spend a lot of time making sure you love our product but we know that if you are ordering online it can be hard to work out if something is absolutely right for you. So we offer you a full 30 day no questions asked return policy. If you are not completely happy with your bicycle, all you need to do is to return the bike in new condition within 30 days of receipt of the bicycle and we will offer you a refund on the full purchase price and organise the return shipping for you. Please note this does not cover custom build bicycles, NuVinci Platinum bicycles or for build & deliver orders.

Do you have any jobs or careers at Chappelli Cycles?

Chappelli Cycles is always on the look out for talented bicycle mechanics. We look for people with several years experience as a bike mechanic as well as sales experience. You must have strong customer service skills and love talking with people. If you think you fit this bill please email tom@chappelli.com with a resume.

I have a question that is not covered by the above?

If you have any other questions or comments, please email tomandpablo@chappelli.com or call us on

SYDNEY : 02 9316 9874

HEAD OFFICE / MELBOURNE : 03 9415 9230

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