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Cool inventions: born to build bicycles

The fun never stops when you’re a mad inventor.

Such is the life of our co-founder Pablo Chappelli, who, in between working on finalising Chappelli’s soon to be released range of multi-gear internal-hub bikes, still finds time to put all sorts of whacky, wheeled designs into creation.

Pablo’s love of inventing started at an early age – he was definitely well and truly on to Lego Technic by the time you were unwrapping your first Playmobile; and by the time you were on Lego, he was out back pimping your scooter.

By the age of 20 he’d created this solar-powered machine, featured in London’s The Times.














Rolf Harris you say? Eh?
Later, under the careful tutelage of none other than Rolf Harris (we kid you not!), Pablo went on to conceive a range of other nifty and entirely convenient clever devices – sadly none of which will be appearing in this blog post dedicated exclusively to bike-related content.

Worry not, over the last few months and weeks, here are some photos of stuff Pablo’s worked on that we can show you:

Pablo recently built up this courier bike with stabilisers for an Australian TV commercial.

This Chappelli motor bike went to Thailand.











Did you also catch the customised Chappelli bike at the Le Coq Sportif Bastille Day party in Sydney? (And no, those beers Tom and Pablo have are certainly not performance enhancing.)

Chappelli Cycles at Le Coq Sportif Bastille Day party
Chappelli Cycles at Le Coq Sportif Bastille Day party













Stay tuned for more of Pablo’s inventions, and Chappelli Cycles’ highly anticipated range of internal-hub multi-gear racers.