Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

8. How to adjust the brakes correctly

Chappelli fixed gear and multi-speed come partially assembled and the brakes will need adjusting before riding.

These instructions provide guidance on how to adjust the brakes so that they operate correctly.  However brakes are extremely important and you should test them before using the bicycle. If you have concerns of whether you have done this correctly, we recommend that you have this done by a certified bicycle mechanic.

  1. Locate the adjusting barrel which is the barrel that the cable housing ends in and which the brake wire passes through
  2. Make sure the adjusting barrel is screwed all the way down to loosen the brake wire as much as possible.
  3. Note: There is also an adjusting barrel on the brake handle where the brake cable enters the brake handle. This should be tightened also.
  4. Ensure that the cable housing is snug in the adjusting barrel.
  5. Push down the brake release lever so that it is in closed position and loosen the bolt holding the wire in place using a 5mm Allan Key.
  6. Now squeeze the two brake arms together simultaneously so that the brake pads are almost touching the rim on each side but leave 1-2 millimetre gap on each side of the rim and pull the wire tight.
  7. You now need to re-tighten the  bolt with the wire still tight so that the brake pads hold their new position.  You must ensure that the bolt is done up tightly, so the cable does not slip through the bolt when the brake is full applied.
  8. There should be an equal gap between the brake pads and the rim on each side. Adjust the brake at the pivot point to make it even on both sides.
  9. You can now make finer adjustments using the adjustment barrel which will further tighten the wire and bring the brake pads closer together.
  10. The brakes should feel firm to squeeze and should contact the rim with only slight pressure applied to the brake lever