Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

6. Attaching reflectors and bells (for attracting attention)

  1. Chappelli Bicycles come with pedal reflectors, front and rear reflectors and wheel reflectors already attached. These make it easier for cars to see you at night and are required by Australian standards.  However some people don’t like them and remove them (its easy with a screw driver). That’s up to you but it does make it harder for cars to see you – especially when riding home after work or after catching up with friends at the local.
  2. We have also attached a bell so you can clear a path through any wandering pedestrians.
  3. If you need to attach or reattach the reflectors – the white one is for the front and should be attached as close to the head stem of the bike as possible. It needs to be clearly visible and facing straight ahead. The rear one (red) should be attached to the seat stem and clearly visible. It needs to be facing directly backwards.
  4. The bell you can attach wherever you like on the handlebar, but it is advised to do it close to the grip so you can ring the bell whilst still having both hands firmly on the handlebars.