Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

5. Attaching and adjusting the handle bars and checking the brakes

  1. The handlebars should be linked by brake cables (and gear shifter if you have a multi- speed bike) to the bike already and will be attached to the handlebar stem.
  2. Take the handlebar stem, remove the plastic protective cap and insert it into the head tube, making sure that the right hand brake lever controls the front brake. Then using a 6mm Allan Key tighten the screw at the top until the head stem is firmly secured to the head tube and there is no movement from side to side or up and down.
  3. The handlebar stem should be facing straight ahead and in line with the front forks. The handlebars should be at right angles to the stem and top tube.
  4. Next you need to tighten the handlebar in place. There is a screw where the handlebars pass through the head stem which needs to be tightened with a 6mm Allan Key to securely lock the handlebars in place so there is no rotation or side movement.
  5. Then adjust and tighten the brake levers using the 5mm Allan Key. The brakes must  face forward and be adjusted to your comfort. (ie. about 30 degrees down)
  6. Now test the brakes – Gently apply pressure to each brake lever. You should see the brake pads clamp down on the wheel rims tightly. Make sure that the brake pads are gripping tightly on the rims. There should be no movement of the wheels when you have the brakes fully applied and the brake handle should not touch the handlebars. If this is not the case you may need to make sure that the brake pads are centered over each of the wheels. (See section 8 on adjusting brakes) If you are unsure about this, we strongly advise you take the bike to a certified bike mechanic before riding it.