Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

4. Assembling & correctly attaching the seat (strongly advised for more comfortable riding!

Assembly of the seat

  1. Take the seat plate with the groves on it and rest it on the seat pole horizontally.
  2. Insert the screw from the underneath and then place on the second seat plate on top of the first with the screw through the middle.
  3. Align the two seat plates so that the horizontal groves run forward.
  4. Take the fastener and loosely screw it onto the screw using an Allen Key, so that you have approximately 0.5cm of gap between the two plates.
  5. Take the seat and turning the top plate so its is at right angles. Rest the seat on top of the bottom seat plate and then turn the top plate so it clamps down on the seat.
  6. Then holding the fastener so it doesn’t move, tighten the screw
  7. Adjust the seat to make sure that the numbers on the seat bar align with the seat brace. This will depend on personal preference and can be adjusted later but for the moment put it in the middle.
  8. Tighten the screw using the Allen Key until the seat is securely fastened to the seat pole
  9. Insert the seat pole into the seat tube, then adjust the height to roughly crotch level when on tiptoes and tighten the fastener using the  Allen Key

Seat Position

  1. Adjusting the seat correctly will make your Chappelli Bicycle experience much more pleasurable and will improve your performance.  The seat can be adjusted front and back, tilted and raised or lowered according to your personal preference.
  2. Correct Saddle position is entirely up to you but here are some guidelines:
    • Front & Back – loosen the seat clamp and slide the seat forward or back according to your preference. Most people aim to have their knee directly over their ankle when the crank is horizontal (ie. Pedal is as far forward as possible)
    • Seat Tilt – Most people prefer their seats tilted down just slightly but its entirely up to you – there are no guidelines but we strongly advise against any tilt over 45 degrees!
    • Seat Height – Sit on the seat of the bike and place one heel on the pedal at its lowest point. Now adjust the seat height until your leg is almost straight. Another rough guide to use is that when you are seated on the bike you should just be able to touch the ground with your toes on both feet.