Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

3. Attaching the front wheel and pedals

Attaching the pedals

  1. Take the two pedals and screw each one into the pedal sockets on the crank. On one side you will need to turn clockwise and the other side anti-clockwise.
  2. You will need to use a 15mm wrench (or adjustable wrench) to tighten the pedals. The pedals need to be screwed all the way in so that they are flush with the crank and should be as tight as possible.  Use of a torque wrench is strongly recommended.
  3. NOTE: Not tightening the pedals sufficiently will cause the pedals to come loose, stripping the thread on the crank and pedal screw. Any damage caused by failing to sufficiently tighten the pedals IS NOT covered by our warranty on parts.

Attaching the front wheel

  1. The front wheel comes with a wheel nut and lock washer on each side. Loosen the wheel nuts so that there is gap on each side of the wheel and the nuts. This is where the front fork dropouts will slot into to attach the wheel to the bike.
  2. The front wheel should be fitted between the front fork dropouts with the wheel lock washer and wheel nut on the outside of the dropouts. Make sure the wheel is evenly spaced between the brake pads at the top.
  3. Rotate each wheel lock washer so the pin fits into the fork holes in the fork just near the dropouts. These will hold the wheel in place and prevent it from dropping out whilst you tighten the wheel nuts.
  4. Using a 15mm wrench or torque wrench, tighten the wheel nuts on each side of the wheel so that the wheel sits evenly between the fork and wheel rotates evenly. The screws need to be extremely tight to prevent the wheel from coming loose during riding. See section 12 for the specified torque that the front and rear wheel nuts should be tightened to.
  5. Warning: Riding without the front wheel nuts tightened to the specified torque could cause the wheel to fall out, causing serious injury or even death to the rider. Make sure that you know how to install and remove the front wheel correctly and know how to correctly tighten the wheel screws to ensure the wheel stays in place.