Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

10.  Warnings & basic bike safety

1. Basic bike safety

Before you use your Chappelli Cycle on the road its important to make sure that you take precautions to avoid unnecessary risk of injury whilst riding. These include:

  • Always obeying the road rules (including stop signs and traffic lights)
  • Do not drink and ride – its stupid, dangerous and it hurts a lot when you fall off.
  • Always wearing a helmet that meets Australian standards and where possible bright clothing to attract attention
  • Ride defensively – be on the lookout for unexpected events – doors opening, sudden U turns, kids chasing balls etc.
  • When sharing the road with cars, I always assume that drivers have not seen me and adapt my riding accordingly.
  • Adjust your riding to the conditions as appropriate – see Night Riding and Riding in the Wet
  • Use the bicycle only has recommended and do not use it for stunts.

2. Night Riding

  • If riding at night make sure that all the reflectors are attached (this is required by law) This includes the front, back, pedal and wheel reflectors.
  • In all States it is also compulsory to have both front and back lights attached.
  • Wearing that special reflective clothing or tape will also make sure that you are seen.

3. Riding in the Wet

Riding in the wet is much more dangerous than in the dry and extra caution should be taken. Remember

  1. Wet rims and slippery wet surfaces will increase the required braking distance, sometimes by double or triple – so be careful!
  2. Your brakes will not function as well as in the dry, so try to slow down and ensure controlled even braking. It is up to you to ensure that you use extra caution when riding in the wet and remember to apply the brakes earlier than you would if riding in dry conditions.