Chappelli Bicycle Maintenance Manual v4.0

1. The legal bits

The Chappelli fixie, single speed or multi-speed bicycle you have purchased is a partly assembled bicycle. That means the handle bars, seat, pedals and front wheel are all detached and you need to attach them before riding the bike. The reason for this is because Chappelli Cycles is an online bicycle retailer specializing in single speeds, fixed gear bikes and multispeed bikes. We  only sell directly to you and through a few bespoke retailers. This helps keep our costs down and pass those savings on to you. However, it means the bikes are delivered to you by our logistics partners who do not like bike shaped boxes (hard to fit in delivery vans).   So, it means that either you have to do some of the work putting your fixie or multi-speed together before you can hit the streets or you have to pay or bribe someone else to do it for you.  Its up to you.

We’ve done our best to give you easy to use instructions in this manual. To reduce the risk of you hurting yourself, we strongly suggest that you follow the instructions in this manual very carefully if you decide to assemble it yourself. However for complete peace of mind, we recommend that you take the bicycle to a properly skilled bicycle mechanic to ensure it is assembled correctly.

This manual also contains information on the maintenance and repair of your bicycle, which if you follow regularly should help keep your Chappelli Bicycle running smoothly and you looking good.