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What does the fixie say? Listen to our Spotify mixie tape

Thanks to Ylvis, 390 million people now know what a fox sounds like. But while everyone else was thinking about foxes, we’ve been thinking about fixies – and more specifically, what sounds would you like to ride fixies to in 2014?

We’d be lying if we told you we’ve painstakingly scoured all the Indie record bins of JB HiFi to compile this mix; we’ve only scoured most of them (and still didn’t find much of use – thank dog for Spotify!).

Listen to our official Chappelli Cycles playlist here on Spotify

There’s something for everyone. For example, animal lovers will find Gold Panda and Thundercat, purring along next to Eliphino, Gorillaz and Bonobo.

Numerologists meanwhile will surely l0ve (or at least not h8) Rocketnumbernine and the Virgo Four.

And the heartbroken among you can take comfort with David Bowie’s Love is Lost.

Of course, flagrant self promoters that we are at time – and hell, this IS our blog! – we’ve also thrown in Hayden James’ Permission to Love, the soundtrack to our Chappelli Look Book video from late last year.

Just as we asked our friends, and their friends to share their favourite songs to ride along to, please share your favs with us too.

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Have bike, will vote: the cyclists party that won’t take you for a ride

It’s a golden time for cycling in Australia. Omar Khalifa, from the Australian Cyclists Party, tells us why the moment was right to strap on a helmet and ride into politics.

Omar Khalifa from the Australian Cyclists Party
Omar Khalifa from the Australian Cyclists Party

We will soon have a Motorist Enthusiasts Party in the Senate. What makes you think there is interest in a one for cyclists too?

This is a new golden age for cycling and over 3.6 million Australians ride a bicycle at least once a week and, unlike motorists, we have not been adequately represented in policies, priorities and even attitudes either on the road or by many of our political leaders..

What particular issues will you be campaigning for?

Basically better infrastructure, better policies and programs aimed at a behaviour shift to make cycling both safer and more appealing to more people.

Money is always tight for public transport infrastructure. How will you persuade politicians and the public to invest in and promote cycling?

Today Australia spends just the price of a cup of coffee on cycling infrastructure and yet over $700 per individual on roads!

It’s a failure of  leadership to admit that the old priorities are unsustainable and we must shift into a broader mix of transport and mobility options – and not only in our urban core. We now need to put serious effort in supporting cycling with the right infrastructure, road speeds, rules and conditions.  It’s time to ring our bells and tell those in power to get on with it.

In setting up your party, what other countries/examples did you look to follow?

So just 7 months ago we asked the question of a few cyclists and they responded overwhelmingly positively.  A few weeks later a few became hundreds.  So we thought that we had to muster the courage to just give it a go – and we are still going!

What has become clear to us since is that cycling is no longer an political right or left or green or brown issue.  It is a mainstream issue and has too often been shunted aside or wrongly tagged out of ignorance or convenience.  Are there no votes in cycling?  We shall see.

What is the first election you’ll be contesting, and what do you see as the biggest hurdles facing you? 

Our best opportunity will be upper house seats beginning with Victoria and NSW.  While we are now registered in NSW, we still need 100 more members in Victoria to file.  

 Lastly, what do you love about cycling?

Cycling for me is for fun and a bit of exercise and for seeing and experiencing the world from a different perspective. When I cycle I love the fact that other cyclists wave and smile at each other.  We stop and help each other if someone has a problem.  If we walk, drive or ride a bus we don’t do that do we?   It says a lot about what makes cycling different and the values it brings along too.

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Calling bike mechanics – jobs in Melbourne and Sydney

Can you assemble a bike, blindfolded, in less than 3 minutes?

To be honest we probably couldn’t either, but if you even stopped for a brief second to think about whether you could, then we’d like you to read on.

The reason is we’re looking for part-time and full-time bicycle mechanics or sales assistants to join our teams in Melbourne and Sydney.

the Chappelli Cycles Melbourne Warehouse

Specifically, someone who is resourceful, enthusiastic, customer-service focused, and who has at least 2 years’ experience building and servicing bicycles such as this one, this one, or this beautiful specimen here.

If that sounds like you or someone you know, send us an email with a CV or brief introduction outlining:
– Why you’d like to work for Chappelli
– Your experience; and
– What types of bikes you’d like us to build if you were given a choice.

Send your email to Tom

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Interest-free payment option puts you ahead of the peloton

Ride now, pay later. At Chappelli Cycles we’re proud to introduce our new partners zipMoney, a new payment option designed exclusively for online shopping.

zipMoney offers real time credit in the cloud without the need for a boring, plastic credit card. It’s online and it’s real time: simply select ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ when you checkout and follow the prompts.

Here are 4 reasons to like zipMoney:

  1. Apply in seconds, begin shopping instantly
  2. Better terms than your credit card (3mths interest free on every purchase)
  3. No plastic, no thumbing credit card numbers
  4. Super safe with buyer protection, always

So take advantage of our new payment option, pick up your fixie, and pull out to join the 21st century revolution. Safe riding and remember to zip it.

Special thanks to the team @zipMoney ‘Online credit for your online shopping’. 

Learn more about our exciting partnership with zipMoney.

zipMoney offers interest-free payment

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Chappelli races ahead with Le Coq Sportif Australia

Some of our best friends are coqs!

To wit, in recent months Chappelli Cycles has been beefing up our collaboration with Le Coq Sportif Australia.

Thanks to our partnership with the cycling-mad French clothing brand, you can find our sleekly designed bicycles, such as our three-speeds and award-winning NuVinci on display at the Le Coq Sportif store in Sydney, as well as in the shop windows of their partners.

Our bicycles will also be featured during Le Coq Sportif Australia events, such as Bastille Day, the photo exhibition celebrating the 100th edition of the Tour De France in Sydney, and the Gold-Sprints competition in Sydney and Melbourne (see photos from last year), among others.

Of course, it’s only natural that Chappelli becomes friends with Le Coq Sportif Australia. Just like Chappelli, the brand has a proud tradition of cycling, particularly linked to the Tour de France.

Le Coq Sportif was an official sponsor of the iconic French race from 1951 to 1988 and has again been since 2012, with most cycling legends over these decades having at one point worn a yellow Le Coq Sportif jersey.

The brand has also sponsored the last three editions of l’Eroica in Italy, a vintage cycling race where competitors must race on bicycles that are 25 years or older – though the race is more about scenery, beautiful moustaches, good food, and having a good time than actual riding.

Bike polo is also another area that Le Coq Sportif gets involved with. The brand sponsors bike polo teams throughout the world including the winning team at the 2012 World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Geneva, and also sponsors Sydney Bike Polo.

And let’s not forget they are also a handy supplier of cycling apparel, which includes Tour De France Replica jerseys, a performance cycling range, an urban cycling range replete with water repellent and technical chino short, chino pants, and jackets for every day commuting, and vintage cycling jerseys for the class acts among us.

Find Le Coq Sportif on the web at
And Facebook
Le Coq Sportif Australia

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Mix style and safety with Australia’s first glow-in-the-dark bicycles

Introducing Australia’s first range of glow-in-the-dark designer bicycles. Our latest shipment includes these sleek bicycles, which have a fluorescent white frame and forks that become luminescent at night.

The single-speed bicycles absorb sunlight during the day, which is then released in the dark to create the unique glow effect that can last for several hours.

The bicycles represent another first for Chappelli Cycles, which in 2012 won an Australian Design Award for its infinitely-geared NuVinci® bicycle.

Along with the glow-in-the-dark bikes, our new range will include three-speed women’s bicycles in champagne and emerald green, as well as single-speeds and three-speeds in chrome and matte black versions.

In fact, it’s a busy month for Chappelli. We’ll soon be unveiling a new showroom and collection point in Botany, Sydney, and another one in North Melbourne.

The Chappelli glow-in-the-dark range, as well as the NuVinci® and more great new-season stock is now available.

The glowing bicycles mix style with safety.
The glowing bicycles mix style with safety.
The first glow-in-the-dark bikes in Australia.
The first glow-in-the-dark bikes in Australia.

Buy the Chappelli Cycles single-speed glow bikes


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Chappelli pops up in Redfern, Sydney

Editor’s note: Hey guys, with summer over, so too is our Redfern pop-up store. But fear not, you’ll very soon be able to find us at an awesome new site close by in Botany. Stay tuned for more info, and if you stopped by in Redfern over summer, t’was great to see you!

We’ve opened a pop-up store in Redfern Sydney, in an awesome old mechanics garage.

The store features our fixies (fixed-gear) and single-speeds, our new Caballero – the pimpest randonneur in town, and our award-winning NuVinci infinitely geared bicycle. We’re also offering a wide range of accessories.

All orders picked up from the shop get a free helmet and lock whilst stocks last.

The store is open 4 days a week, Wednesday to Saturday.

Address: 131 Regent Street, Redfern, right opposite Redfern Station.

The Chappelli pop-up shop in Redfern, Sydney
Adriana and Leo at the Chappelli pop-up shop in Redfern, Sydney
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Hi velo city – Chappelli comes to France

On Bastille Day in the middle of July, Chappelli Cycles launched its first online store in France.

The online store will complement our Swedish operations, helping us to service the whole European continent.

Earlier this week we caught up with Guillaume Adriansen who explained why the time is ‘parfait’ for Chappelli to bring our new bikes to the old continent.

What makes the time right for Chappelli to launch in Europe now?
Two things:

1. First, seeing the progress made by Tom and Pablo in the last 3 years with Chappelli Cycles has been a profound source of motivation in launching the brand in France.

They have proven Chappelli Cycles is not only a strong trendy, brand that can sell a lot of fixies and single speeds, but is also a brand with a long-term strategy of diversification. Already we’ve seen 3-speed bikes, men’s and women’s multi speed bikes, and the award-winning NuVinci, and there are many more in the pipeline. In short, Chappelli is more than a fashionable brand of fixies; it’s a fashionable bicycle manufacturer.

2. Second, the context in Europe is very favourable to city bikes right now. A combination of factors has contributed to an increasing demand for city bikes:
– Free or cheap rental bikes in main cities such as the Vélib in Paris have pushed people back on to bikes,
– the price of gas is skyrocketing,
– society is under pressure to exercise more,
– and bikes are definitely back in fashion as a cool way of commuting (- just so long as the bike itself is cool!)

Why set up in France in particular?
France is the 4th market worldwide for bicycles. This is where the Tour De France started in 1903. France is also the home country of classic brand of bikes such as Mercier or Peugeot.
The country has a love affair with fashion, as long as it is classy and understated. France is made of many cities with most people commuting every day to work making short-distance trips on public transport.

For all of these reasons it is obvious to us that Chappelli Cycles will one day be successful in France.

How can people in Europe buy a Chappelli bicycle?
We will be selling a range of Chappelli Cycles bicycles via our online store at, and also distributing them at a few targeted retailers (both bike stores and fashion stores).

Chappelli NuVinci on display in Paris
The Chappelli NuVinci at Le Coq Sportif in Paris.
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Foiling dirty bicycle thieves

Thieves don’t take holidays – but as British London2012 gold medal cyclist Philip Hindes recently found out, they certainly do take bicycles.

The Guardian reportedthat a bicycle belonging to the team sprint medalist was stolen when thieves ransacked his Manchester home over a weekend in late August. They also stole his car, which was found burnt out on a local highway.

Philip Hindes (photo The Guardian)
Philip Hindes (photo The Guardian)

Not wanting to be the next Philip Hindes, one European Chappelli customer in Sweden took extra precautions when he went on holiday. As he told Christian from our European office:

“I was worried someone would break into my apartment while I was on summer holiday. So I locked my Chappelli to my dirty washing basket so that it would be harder to steal.”

Christian posted the message on the Chappelli Cycles Swedish Facebook page, noting afterwards: “Luckily there was no break-in; but incidentally we love that the Chappelli bicycle was his most precious possession.”

We hope that any owner of a Chappelli fixed-gear or multi-speed internal hub bicycle would agree…

Though we also note that no mention was made as to the value of the dirty washing basket.

What are you best bicycle theft prevention secrets (of course, feel free not to disclose them!)?

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Freestyle Cyclists launch helmet law petition

The issue of helmet law reform is gaining momentum.

Following our efforts to pay this cyclist’s fine(still unsuccessful, but we live in eternal hope) to raise awareness about bike helmets and cycle safety, we were contacted by the Freestyle Cyclists.

Princess Mary cycling
Australians abroad cycle helmet-free with impunity (picture via

The Freestyle Cyclists group launched an online petition in June seeking to repeal the laws that they say discourage people from realising the public health benefits of cycling.

We spoke to Kathy Francis about her motivations for getting started with the group, and what she thinks it can achieve.

What made you decide to pursue helmet reform as an issue?

I grew up without helmets in a country town where it was very safe to ride. I thought the helmet law was a crock and was fined repeatedly. I refused to pay, and was eventually was put in jail, pregnant, for 24 hours. After that I thought the fight wasn’t worth it so I gave it up.

Now that my kids are older now, they are facing the same issue, and so I have decided to fight it again.

What has changed between 1990 when the laws were introduced and now?

Back in the 1990s we felt we weren’t going to get anywhere, and that the rest of the world would follow us (by introducing helmet laws). This hasn’t been the case.

There is so much more research out there now that is showing that Australia has made a mistake. Bike share schemes worldwide have also been influential things, as has also Sue Abbott, who has challenged the laws in court. But getting politicians to listen is frustrating for us.

What level of reform are you hoping to achieve?

We’re hoping that politicians start to take this seriously. We don’t think the (safe cycling) infrastructure will ever be completed. We’re quite desperate in Victoria because fines are upwards of $146 dollars and police have zero tolerance.

Any reform would be good, even if it’s just for adults only.

The Freestyle Cyclists will officially launch their campaign on October 6 in Victoria, with a helmet-optional ride along the Yarra. In the meantime, you can visit their site and sign their petition here.

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Fixie riding an Olympic sport? Well, yes.

In case you’ve been relying on Channel Nine to watch the Olympic Games in London this week, you may not realise that there are more sports involved than variations on swimming.

(As this irate Facebook poster made note, that distinction has not been apparent).

But you also might not be aware that one of those other sports is fixed-gear bike riding.

To wit, this week at London’s purpose-built velodrome, track cyclists are pushing their cutting-edge fixed gear bikes to faster and faster speeds. (Australia’s Anna Meares being just one of many to have suffered having Australia’s hopes for gold riding on her.)

The original fixed-gear bicycle

Sure there are differences between track bikes and fixies such as Chappelli’s. For one, track cyclists can reach speeds well in excess of 100 kmh, which you’re unlikely to attain you’re completely out of control going down one of Sydney’s hills.

Then there’s the gear ratio, which on an Olympic track bike is about 60 teeth on the front cog to 12 on the back (we stand to be corrected). This is 5 times the ratio of a Chappelli, which is 44/18.

Another thing, track cyclists typically have enormous muscles; though these tree-trunk thighs seem excessive even by Olympic standards.

If you’re more interested in seeing less competitive and body-punishing fixie riding at the Games then perhaps you could consider attending – or participating in – Berlin’s Hipster Olympics. See the slideshow.

For a rundown on track cycling events at the Olympics, check out this guide in the UK’s Telegraph.

Read this Wired article for more on what makes Olympic track bikes special.

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Chappelli Cycles wins International Design Award for NuVinci® bicycle

Chappelli Cycles’ NuVinci® bicycle won the Sports and Leisure category of the prestigious Australian International Design Awards on Friday.

> Download the press release

The Chappelli NuVinci® is the first Australian bike equipped with continuously variable gearing. Riders can select their preferred gear ratio as easily as turning a radio dial and without fear of jarring gear changes or body jolts.

Tom and Pablo accept the award.
Tom and Pablo with the award.

Accepting the Award, Chappelli co-founder Pablo Chappelli said it was “an absolute honour.”

“We are immensely proud to win this recognition for the NuVinci® and also for Chappelli which we only started two years ago.

“Given the quality of this year’s competition, including esteemed design companies such as Nokia, Range Rover, Bose and Dyson, we are particularly honoured. This award proves that the spirit of design is alive and well in Australia.”

The bicycle is the result of a 12-month collaboration with US-based Fallbrook Technologies, pioneers of the world-first ‘infinitely variable internal hub’ gear system. The system’s 360° ratio equates to the equivalent of 10 traditional gears.

Getting their 15 seconds...

In addition to the unique gearing system, the Chappelli NuVinci® won praise for its

simply design aesthetic and smooth ride. The bicycle has a hand-crafted and hand-painted lugged CRMO frame, deep dish chrome rims, leather grips and seat, and an integrated lighting system that allows 360° degree visibility for the rider.

The NuVinci® was also nominated as one of nine finalists for the overall Australian Design Award and has been selected by the Australian PowerHouse Museum to be displayed in an exhibition of Australian design excellence.

The Australian International Design Awards is a showcase for the best-designed products from Australia and around the globe.