About Chappelli Cycles

Who is Pablo Chappelli?

Robert Chappell 1960

Pablo Chappell is a founder and the head designer at Chappelli Cycles.  Pablo is a multi-award winning industrial designer, who won a British design competition for an electric scooter when he was still in school. He cut his teeth working with the original dyson design team and ended up running an innovation team at Breville. His dad Robert Chappell (see photo), used to be a professional rider and raced in the Tour de France trials as well as for several UK and French teams. Pablo grew up surrounded by beautiful bicycles, helping his dad build bicycles. Not surprisingly, his passion has always been to start a bicycle company.  In 2009 he started Chappelli Cycles with the vision to create beautiful design focused bicycles for the modern rider that he and his mates would love to ride. That single vision still guides him today.

What makes Chappelli Cycles special?

Chappelli Cycles is the only Australian bicycle company to win an International Design Award recognising our unique designs and quality of our product. We focus on creating bicycles designed for the modern urban cyclist.  Chappelli specialises in making single speed, internal hub and urban commuter bicycles for the modern city rider. Our bicycles have distinctive designs, eye-catching colours and appeal to people looking for a more sophisticated bicycle. Our customers are designers, architects, fashionistas and people who recognise good design and appreciate unique style the world over.

Each of our bicycle is carefully designed for comfort and ease of riding but it is the quality of our bicycles, the attention to detail and our innovative styles that set us apart. Our bicycles are designed in our workshop in Botany, Sydney and manufactured in a purpose built factory.  Since inception we have sold many thousands of bicycles in Australia and Europe.

Chappelli Cycles is a 2012 International Design Award Winner

Pablo design awards

Chappelli Cycles is very proud to have won an Australian Design Award for our Chappelli NuVinci bicycle in 2012. We won the best in category for sports equipment beating out several much larger international bicycle companies. The bicycle was designed in collaboration with Fallbrook technologies and showcased the latest NuVinci infinitely variable hub technology. See our range of NuVinci bicycles.

Since, 2012 we have released several new versions of the NuVinci as an the ultimate commuter bicycle as well as standard road versions and a women’s version. All of them use the incredible CVT NuVinci hub which has been recently improved in 2015 to make it even lighter!

How are Chappelli Cycles made?

Our bicycles begin life as an idea of a bicycle that our design team would like to ride, to meet a specific type of riding or need. Often the bicycles we want to ride don’t yet exist so we have to make them ourselves. Pablo and the design team usually build a prototype from scratch forging the frame and sourcing the best components from global suppliers. Next we put each bicycle through testing and feedback loops before finally sending it off to the factory for production prototyping and then after more testing we put it into production and choose the colours.

However, once a bicycle is built the production process doesn’t stop, we have a continuous improvement process whereby each production round we make small improvements to our bicycles based on both customer feedback and the availability of new parts. Each new shipment of bicycles is better than the last, the changes might be small or sometimes they can be quite big but they are always done with the aim of improving the quality of the ride or the comfort of the rider.

Why choose a Chappelli?

Pablo and bikes
When you buy a Chappelli, you are not just buying a beautiful, fun machine.  You are becoming a member of an exclusive group of people who value design, craftsmanship, style and quality.  Choosing to ride a Chappelli bicycle is a badge that you have sought out something different, something special and it marks you out as someone who prefers to choose their own path.

At Chappelli Cycles we pride ourselves on creating uniquely styled, high quality bicycles at reasonable prices. We are Australian owned and manufacture and sell direct to the consumer so you don’t pay extra for agents, wholesalers and retailers. This means you get superior quality bicycles at the equivalent of wholesale prices.